Debian 9 Stretch has just been released

Debian 9 Stretch is out there – the motherlode has been deemed stable enough to be used by normal users.

nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list

change “jessie” to “stretch”  – minus the speechmarks, obviously… save…

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade

wait a bit… (keeping an eye on the changed files, altered config files etc) and then boot into your upgraded new system.

I did the upgrade on my home file server and everything worked flawlessly – it was slightly boring – which is exactly what you want for a server – excitement in a server install is NOT a requirement !!

My laptop was installed with Debian 9 when it was still in “testing” about a month or so back and my experience has been very positive. The system is not showy – it does not make me coffee in the morning, nor does it sing and dance… what is DOES do is start up, do the things expected of it – email, news feeds, download ISOs, browse the internet, listen to music and hopefully I will at some point get around to my studies in C++.

To all the developers, many, many thanks.